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merry leap day

brain change


the letter of the day is g/s

magical thinking aside, isn’t it unreal how girl scout cookies can be abbreviated to gs cookies which can then be unabbreviated into gigi swift’s cookies?

there’s nothing unlucky about 13 boxes of girl scout gigi swift’s cookies

the dog ate my homework

the typical winter season for a hibernator is characterized by periods of hibernation interrupted by sporadic euthermic arousals wherein body temperature is restored to typical levels and blogiging an excuse for one’s absence is made possible for a few moments.


happy halloween!!

BOO! scary childhood memories

the letter of the day is letters

copy cats

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but where will cheating get you?!

Home Ec: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

by the time i publish this post, winter feels like it’s just on the horizon. regardless, let me inform you of something – summer may be almost over, but it’s technically still here and what more reason do you need to do summer-y things, like eating ice cream, than a deadline.

unless you’re jack donaghy, the gold standard changed a long time ago.

out there flavors that require your pilgrimage.

earlier this year i lost a part of myself when i missed my chance to eat exotic cereal milk ice cream. sweet. lucky. charm. drenched. cereal. milk. don’t let yourself know my pain. they are now selling the non frozen creamy substance. or try their standard plain corn flake cereal milk ice cream and imagine it’s magically delicious.

when i say the words “ice cream” i mean everything to do with the sorbet – gelato – regular stuff family.  is there a more general term for them, as a collective, other than “frozen treats” because i’d hate to use such a vanilla sounding phrase (you see what i did there?)

nothing flavored like ‘smores can go wrong.

if you want to push your preconceived notions of ice cream a bit further you can, with flavors ranging from popcorn to corn, cupcake to birthday cake, olive oil to cotton candy. you can get watermelon gelato until 1 am.

of course, the most important element of ice cream studies is learning what to pair it with. as a liscenced icecreammelier i recommend you experiment with any number of  cones and toppings, natural and fatural.

why stick ice cream between cookies, when there are  donuts out there just waiting to sandwich your dreams?

make it 21+.
or make up a new kind of ice cream…

just please don’t encourage or enable the evil trucks (you know who the good guys are) whose music plagues my dreams, literally, because even when they are 11 blocks away and it’s 10pm at night, i can hear their pied piper siren song from under the covers

GYM: preseason

introducing pierre and the art of artistic cycling

summer review

sometimes science fails to illuminate the darkness


the new yorker backs up my canoe theory


one must read the whole brick to get the point

scientia vincere tenebras

The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.