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Dates: Any time you want

Total Duration: 2 hours

After 11am please

The world is ending but it's taking its time. Yes, we... should have invested differently. Most of us can't afford a bunker or to stockpile DVDs. So we can stare into our phones—or we can figure out how to survive this Truman-Show video-game called life.  


Each week, we'll review your case, assess what denials you're living in, and plot how best to use your last remaining days. 


Parties will be fun again when you stop worrying about what other people think of you and start covertly rummaging through medicine cabinets for essentials. Deploy banal small talk to suss out prime candidates for your survival militia/cannibal cabal.


Give your life what it really needs—purpose. 

*red pills 50% OFF for early 

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